U.S. Cities: How Americans Rate Their Safety

Nov. 12, 2004 — Searching for the most secure U.S. cities for your following domestic or excursion? You will need to consider Minneapolis, Minn., and Seattle, concurring to a new Gallup survey.

Those cities positioned to begin with and moment, individually, within the survey on seen security in 14 huge American cities. The comes about do not essentially reflect wrongdoing measurements; instep, they center on open recognition around each city.

Washington, D.C. and Detroit didn’t passage as well. They were at the foot of the list.

More than 1,000 U.S. grown-ups taken part within the October phone survey, rating the 14 biggest cities as „secure“ or „hazardous.“ Here’s how the cities positioned in seen security, in arrange from most secure to slightest secure:

Minneapolis, Minn. Seattle Dallas Boston Houston San Francisco Atlanta Chicago Philadelphia Unused York Miami Los Angeles Washington, D.C. Detroit

Minneapolis, Minn., was called „secure“ by 78% of respondents. The city has positioned tall in past Gallup surveys; since 1993, at slightest 70% of Americans have called Minneapolis „secure,“ says Gallup.

In differentiate, as it were 33% of this year’s poll-takers called Detroit „secure.“

Three cities — Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Detroit — had decreases in their seen safety this year. Be that as it may, all 14 cities rank higher than they did in 1990, says Gallup, noticing a significant drop within the nation’s wrongdoing rate since at that point.

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