Fiery Pepper Fatal for Fat Cells?

Walk 6, 2007 — Capsaicin, the red hot compound in hot red peppers, may make fledging fat cells self-destruct, Taiwanese researchers report.

But don’t drown your dinner in hot pepper sauce fair yet. So far, the Taiwanese group has as it were pitted capsaicin against fat cells in test tubes, not people.

Scientists included Gow-Chin Yen, a professor in the nourishment science and biotechnology office at Taiwan’s National Chung Hsing University.

They focused on cells called preadipocytes, which develop into fat cells. The researchers needed to see what effect capsaicin would have on such cells.

To begin with, they brewed a capsaicin extract in their lab. Then, they marinated preadipocytes from mice in the capsaicin extricate for eight days, freshening the capsaicin extract every other day.

The preadipocytes uncovered to capsaicin died some time recently becoming fat cells, according to the think about, which appears in the Diary of Agrarian and Nourishment Chemistry.

Looking to lose weight? The analysts aren’t making count calories proposals at this point.

The essential guideline of weight misfortune is simple — burn more calories than you consume — and doesn’t require hot red peppers or any other outlandish fixing.

But for numerous individuals, losing weight is anything but simple. That’s why any food that might help would be hot.

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